Scott Biddy
Vice Chancellor
Ann Jeffrey
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff
Delphine Regalia
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller

Elizabeth Albee
Executive Assistant

Emily Marthinsen
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Physical & Environmental Planning
Campus Architect

Grace Crvarich 
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer
Real Estate

Jo Mackness
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Larry Conrad
Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
and Chief Information Officer

Lyle Nevels
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
and Deputy Chief Information Officer

Margo Bennett
Chief of Police

Peggy Huston
Chief Operations Officer, Campus Shared Services

Rajiv Parikh
Associate Vice Chancellor
Real Estate Development & Portfolio
Rosemarie Rae
Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance
and Chief Financial Officer
Sally McGarrahan
Asset Management / Facilities Services
Solly Fulp
Executive Director
University Business Partnerships & Services