Our Operating Principles are:

We include and excel, together
We cultivate trust, treat one another with respect and assume good intentions. We actively include different perspectives and work cooperatively within and across departments. We thrive when we celebrate the diversity in our community and our common commitment to equity, inclusion and equal access to all.

We imagine and innovate
We develop sustainable solutions that help us meet campus goals.  We are willing to take intelligent risks, make mistakes, and learn from our experiences.

We simplify
We reduce unnecessary steps and make it easier to get things done. Our solutions are common where they can be, custom where it counts.

We are accountable to each other
 We measure supervisor, individual and team performance, make transparent decisions, and follow through on our commitments. We recognize excellence, and give and receive constructive feedback at all levels to help us improve.

We focus on service
We provide timely, excellent service to students, staff, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders. We emphasize service over bureaucracy whenever possible.

Operating Principles Toolkit

Want to know how to integrate the operating principles into your work? 

From talking points to interview questions, our Operating Principles "Leaders & Managers Toolkit" will show you how! 

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